I bought my TV recently along with a TATA SKY set up box. I didn’t imagine it would give my father such a hard time. I spent so much time looking for the best television for me, that I completely forgot about my family members.

What is Java? Java is a cool programming language. The easy syntax of java makes it easy for beginners to learn and explore. Object oriented features, memory management, and write once run anywhere features make it best of all the programming languages. It is also a platform, because it has its own Runtime Environment known as […]

IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) is a unique 15 digit identification number present for every mobile (phone) device. In android applications it can be used to uniquely identify a device for some functionality required by application. For retrieving IMEI no. of a device you may use following android code: Add this permission to AndroidManifest.xml: […]

“You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win. — Zig Ziglar” This quotation is one of my favorite ones, and is enough to inspire anybody. Yes, this is true that only hard work could not bring you the winning opportunities. But […]

Myth: Big On Caffeine and Nicotine Reality: Blame the movies for this stereotype- those celluloid nerds you see aren’t us! We do not need gallons of coffee or chain smoking to keep all that code flowing. That comes from the great repository of our brains, which doesn’t need to be chemically ‘inspired’. So stop spoiling […]

Read the following and add up in comments if you have ever seen something related to computers in movies that is too awkward to digest… Here I go: Word Processors never display a cursor All monitors display inch high letters High tech computers such as those used by NASA, the CIA, or some such government […]

“Nothing can defeat you, if you make up your mind to fight and nothing can save you, if you have accepted defeat.” “Even the most terrible beginnings can turn into beautiful endings when the direction is changed.” “The enormity of your problems is nothing compared with your ability to solve them. By overestimating the problem […]

Why is sleeping child in the hands of beggars? Have you ever wondered … Near the metro station(India) sits a woman of uncertain age. Women’s hair is confused and dirty, her head bowed in grief. The woman sits on the dirty floor and next to her lies a bag. In that bag people throw money. On the […]

  Who doesn’t like money? If by just being online, you are able to earn some bucks, that’s fantastic. These earning ways span from surfing a website, using a particular search engine, to writing articles and doing freelancing jobs.Here in this article, I have compiled a list of 12 easy ways to earn money online using such […]

Android – What, Where and Why? Android is a Linux based operating system for mobile devices and a complete software package for devices such as tablet, computers and smartphones. It’s backbone is firmly supported by big tech-giant Google and later the OHA (Open Handset Alliance). The goal of android project is to create a successful […]