10 Myths About Programmers

Myth: Big On Caffeine and Nicotine

Reality: Blame the movies for this stereotype- those celluloid nerds you see aren’t us! We do not need gallons of coffee or chain smoking to keep all that code flowing. That comes from the great repository of our brains, which doesn’t need to be chemically ‘inspired’. So stop spoiling our scope for ‘marriage’, will you?


Myth: Fast food junkies

Reality: Let’s clear that image straight-off. We enjoy the occasional binge of home made food as much as you do! Being true humans we are just as picky about what we put in our mouths. Get rid of that pizza swallowing, cola guzzling image of a programmer.


Myth: All about code-Stupid is as stupid does!

Reality: Nah! Most of us are talented and knowledgeable people in more areas than just programming. We are ordinary people like you just that we came with a built in taste for programming! We have our opinion on every thing under the sun just like you do. Sit down with a tete-a-tete with a programmer and he/she will probably talk circles around you.


Myth: Male chauvinists

Reality: That could not be farther from truth! There is more of the fair sex among us than you know. We believe in equality of the sexes, buddy (and it makes the work place that much visually appealing!). But seriously, girls are much better programmers than guys at times. The only scenario wherein we might oppose women programmers in the vicinity is if you insist on surrounding us with pictures of babies and stuffed animals.


Myth: The ones with the most stable jobs

Reality: Off target again. Our chances of having a stable job are just about the same as yours. Survival of the fittest is the name of the game. The IT slowdown had created a scenario where people were being laid off in thousands. But those are days of yore. Now a programming job is a stable and lucrative option.


Myth: Loaded with green stuff

Reality: Money never did grow on trees. There were times when even HTML coders used to rake in hefty paychecks. Not any more. Our salaries are comparable to any other job now. They aren’t as sky-high as you would like to believe.


Myth: The once with fancy techie degrees under their belt

Reality: Let’s clear this myth spread by B.Techs and MCAs. Well it does help in getting a better pay packet if you have these but it’s not a must-have. Programming is something that comes from within. Almost like those army recruitment ads, “Do you have it in you”?


Myth: The know-all in programming

Reality: Although we would like it to be so, programmers aren’t always the Yoda of coding. Each of us is a specialist in the kind of programming we do. Of course this depends on the project we are working on. We learn new skills if the project calls for them. The only things we consider stable are our programming fundamentals, which remain the same whatever programming language or tools we use.


Myth: Great at handling entire projects singlehanded.

Reality: Even if it were so, we prefer parallel processing. It’s much better when many heads work on a complex programming problem than a single one, isn’t it? That’s our modus operandi as well. Projects are split into parts and different teams work on them. Besides, this is also the reason that we don’t run into too many late nights at the office.


Myth: Not interested in women

Reality: Well… would love to talk about that at length but got to rush. Have a date with Manisha and then dinner with Priya. Sucks, social life’s more hectic than coding!

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