12 easy ways to earn money online


Who doesn’t like money? If by just being online, you are able to earn some bucks, that’s fantastic. These earning ways span from surfing a website, using a particular search engine, to writing articles and doing freelancing jobs.Here in this article, I have compiled a list of 12 easy ways to earn money online using such sources, which are tested and reliable ways for you to make some money.

  1. Freelancing:

    Got some talent that can be paid by somebody. Then host yourself at some freelancing site, where employers may be looking for you. For this I recommend Freelancers, for it has easy payment method, and is quite trustworthy.

  2. Writing articles: 

    Are you interested in writing an article about something? then why not make it worth paying. There are sites that pay you based on the number of views of your article. Thus if you feel that your article is worthy, try submitting it to one of the following sites:  Shoutmeloudtech4worldtech18Gadgetcage .

  3. AdSense: 

    Own a blog or website than this is for you. A Google service that would enable you to make some money by showing relevant ads on your site/blog. The service is quite trustworthy and you get paid for every click on those ads. So this is worth checking for webmasters. AdSense

  4. Selling Ad Spots:

    Selling ad-spots on your website is another profitable thing, and allows you to make some money based on the Page Rank and popularity of your site. The income in this case is based on your contract with the ad-supplier.

  5. Make money for every search query: 

    This can be surprising but there exist some small search engines that will pay you for your every search query. One such search engine is SwagBucks , it pays you with credit points, which can be easily converted to money.

  6. Amazon Mechanical Turk: 

    Mturk is a service hosted by Amazon that allows you to work from your home, and get paid for the jobs. Also you can employ other people here to work under you. The jobs range from simply signing up for a website, commenting, reviewing, researching online. But the confirmation of your account may take some time.

  7. Earn money with your photos:

    Are you a photographer? Then you may even sell your clicks at http://www.istockphoto.com to the budding designers and thinkers who may need them for new ideas or even web developers. This is one of the highest paying things, and even royalty can be claimed.

  8. Conduit.com:

    Conduit allows you to make toolbar easily, and with high features. The earning starts when people install your toolbar. The site automatically creates the toolbar for all major browsers and the toolbar can be further used to connect to your site, your Facebook page, your twitter account and much more.

  9. Micro workers: 

     MicroWorkers is another service that allows you to get paid for the jobs. As like Mturk, you can employ other people here to work under you, or even form your own team. The jobs can be: signing up for a website, writing reviewing, adding to circles, etc. And the confirmation of your account is instantaneous.

  10. Online surveys:

    Hearing about surveys!!! can be a fraud??? But this is not always true. There are some trustworthy sites which ask for genuine reviews of product and thus ask for surveys. Completing a survey is a matter of minutes and what’s the problem if a few minutes can earn you something. I recommend following websites for taking surveys: SurveySavvy Opinion OutpostSwagBucks.

  11. Student of fortune: 

    Student Of Fortune is a website that allows you to do the outsourced homework, and you get paid for this simple stuff.

  12. Experts exchange:

    Do you have skill in a particular technical field, then you may use it to answer the questions posted by others. And replying to them can be profitable. The questions range from how-to, debugging, installation, and more. Experts-Exchange

Although i may have missed many other ways but these were the best known ways to me. So do let me know of others(Your ways)by leaving your valuable comments.

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